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372. Money Making Marketing Back To School Series Day 4

September 11, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
372. Money Making Marketing Back To School Series Day 4
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And, it's Day 4 of the Money Making Marketing series?? This money making marketing series is to take the overwhelm away and get you making money!
And it's a good one!

On this episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy Show, Nellie will be talking about getting comfortable and confident showing up for yourself and your business, and that can mean getting on camera and showing your beautiful face!

We will touch on:

  • The importance of being on camera.
  • Meeting yourself where you're at.
  • Thinking about what you're going to talk about once you do get on camera

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Good morning, Mama. It is time to wake up and be wealthy. It is time for you to become rich a week it is time for more ease, flow and fun for you. It is time to build a life and business, you are madly in love with it, it's time to unlock the wealth codes needed to build your business with your dedicated host, me, Nellie Corriveau Nellie Corriveau. I am the CEO and founder of the wealthy mama movement. And I want to officially welcome you to the wake up and be wealthy show. I am the master at sales and social media with over 17 years of experience, building brands in multiple industries, resulting in millions of dollars night as mentored countless women from starting their businesses all the way up to multi millionaires. I am here to be your go to mama to help you build an iconic brand that you are proud of, to create a massive passion and impact in the world. Without further ado, let's unlock today's episode. Enjoy. All right, this might be one of my favorite podcast episodes, because my clients have actually requested a class on this. So this is definitely not a master class by any means. But it's at least a little bit. This is like a taste of it. They keep wanting something in regards to confidence on camera. So it's like in my training list of like, okay, I give my VIP clients what they want, as much as I possibly can. And I'm like, ooh, confidence on camera on it. So we are going to talk about that in this money making marketing series. Because even when you have us helping you with your marketing, you still get to be on camera, because no one can be you. And you are at least one of the spokes persons persons people spokespeople for your brand, right. And so, we really get to embody that and feel safe around that and be able to be excited about it. Because it does build so much trust when someone can hear your voice see your face. It's kind of like if you were to do online dating, and you like we're getting very, like intimate with them. But there were only messages back and forth. There was never you never like talked on the phone, you never FaceTimed you could start to think that you're gonna get catfished, right? Like, it has happened many times, even with voice and phone, for that matter. So it's like just the more we can eliminate the fear from people and really build that know, like trust, which nothing does that better than video. I mean, events you could argue, are stronger than video. But video is more accessible and expandable than events can be. So video is really the the number one because of that reason. So events are great. Don't get me wrong, I love me some events. But video is just so helpful because you like we've gotten this huge opportunity with social media that we didn't have a few decades ago, like you couldn't go live on a social media platform. There wasn't even social media. And so we have been given this huge gift, which I also acknowledge can be terrifying. I'll never forget, like the first time I went Facebook Live and my heart was beating so strongly. And I was terrified. And it I continued to feel that way. And so I do want to chat about that today. Because the more we can get you on video, you will get better, right? Practice makes better if we as we've talked about, and I love stepping into the mindset of like, what if you did 200 either short form videos, so that would be like your reels or your tic TOCs with your voice? Or you did 200 stories. So that would be like in the stories feature of the social media platforms, or you did 200 Live videos or even podcast interviews that use your voice right? So any of those and we're just like dude, picking the number 200 And you made a million dollars. Would you be willing to get on video used your voice more and more. And a lot of times we were like oh hell yeah, like if it's guaranteed eat after 200 videos, I'm gonna get a million dollar check your vibe and energy changes around it, you may still be fearful, but the reward starts to become worth it in your brain. But since we don't necessarily have that innate guarantee, right, then that's where the excuses start to take over, that's when the limiting beliefs start to take over, right? And you are human, and they're going to happen. So we get to first just like we did in the series, we get to work on your mindset around video. And we get to meet yourself where you're at. So if it feels easier to hang out in your stories, because, you know, they're gonna go away in 24 hours, and that actually feels better to you because you're like, okay, even if I suck, right, it's okay to suck, they're gonna go away and 24 hours and if not, everyone's checking them, then they're not everyone's gonna see them. Or maybe it feels better to you to go live in a Facebook group or for you, it feels better to record your videos and then post them so we can absolutely meet you where you're at in regards to being comfortable. Because when you're comfortable, you're going to be so much more confident on camera. And then we really start to do that strategy more and more and more, because then that just like a muscle, it's gonna get stronger and stronger and stronger. And like without doing a full fledge confidence on camera masterclass yet, I will do that for my VIP clients who intend to be going, this is really the baseline of that, right? Like, okay, let's pick a pick away that we're gonna get on camera. I also do believe, like, get some tools, right? Meaning we get a ring light, we get a tripod, you don't need these things. But they can make you more confident because you know, your arm doesn't have to hold the phone, right? The lighting makes everything look better. Maybe you want to go and get a lipstick or better foundation or a new blazer. If you've got the means to do it, then let's freakin do it. And also, if you don't, then what will make you feel better, right? There's natural light, there are books that you can use to prop up your phone. So let's use what we have always and also decide what would make us feel better, more comfortable, safer. And then we really start to practice right? Practice makes better. If you're in the mindset of like, I just, I don't know what to talk about. I love thinking about and I love this icebreaker question like, What is something that if you had no preparation, but you were like you had to get in front of a roomful of strangers and talk about for 30 minutes? Like, what is that thing that you could talk about? It doesn't even have to be related to your business. If you're like, so good in the kitchen, at cooking, and you're like, oh my gosh, I could talk about how to make XYZ like no problem. This will also make you feel more comfortable. Because it's a topic that you already feel confident in. And we're having we're having to, like, it just so happens that we're going to record you or go live and showcase the skills. So and I'm sure there's so much around that topic that you could talk about, which then leads me to that being multiple videos. So you could start to brainstorm everything you know about that topic, which is really creating multiple videos. And you could do that on post it notes and really start to like, see, wow, I really do have so much I can talk about in video on this topic. And eventually, yes, I would love and I would want you to make sure that it relates back to that offer that we've been flushing out, because that alone is going to make it so much easier to then segue to inviting them to that offer. But if we're at more of the beginning stages of getting confident on camera, I don't want it to deter you or derail you or delay you. In regards to getting on camera like today's a good day to do it. Today's a great day to do it. So don't overthink it. Your homework today is to get on Fit to if it's just recorded and you don't even post it. That's okay. Again, we're all about taking teeny tiny steps here. We do not want to get uncomfortable because your brain immediately goes in shutdown mode and things start to feel forced and it's not sustainable or scalable truly, and there's a different way and so I am totally okay with meeting you where you're at and excited about it actually because you just doing the thing is going to create so much endorphins and dopamine that you're gonna be like, Oh my gosh, okay, what's the next little step, I'm gonna go ahead and then post the video, right? If you didn't post it. And so we just take this one step at a time, knowing that you're going to get there, I was doing video before Facebook Live was even a thing. And I sat in my car and I just talked about topics. I like there was no, you know, sneaky strategy to make millions of dollars, like I just had a lot to say. And I wanted to say it and I wanted to change lives. And it felt so good. And still, to this day, even doing live video or reels, or stories. Like if there's one, money making activity that I could pinpoint over all my years, even before my online business, I was doing video, and all different ways for the nonprofit organization. Video would be that much money making strategy. So like when I said, if you do two under videos, and you make a million dollars, I really do believe it can happen. Like, I really do believe it because I've felt it. I don't think I would be where I'm at without video. I really, really wholeheartedly believe that. And I'm not perfect still to this day, I will do videos with no makeup. Sometimes I'm holding my camera, sometimes my camera even or my phone falls down. Sometimes my kids are in the background. And then sometimes I have like, so I'm so put together and I like I you know, I feel glamorous, right? I love doing the contrast, because it's me at the end of the day. And I think it shows women like you don't have to be perfect. And just the message alone is the most valuable part of it all. So video is not going anywhere. So we get to get comfortable and confident on camera because it really does make a world of a difference. Not only for your confidence, but to impact tons of lives. And Cha Ching, cha ching chi, make more money, right? All of it is possible. And even if you're already on camera, ask yourself okay, do I want to do it more? Do I want to repurpose my videos more? Right? Do I want to get even more strategic and add? Like captions on my reels? Or do I want to have guests come on an interview that like challenge yourself in the best way possible to think about how can you raise raise your standards get to the next level when it comes to us utilizing video as a money making strategy. And doing it from a place of Yes. And that feels freaking awesome. So you know your homework for today? One tiny video, money making step you can decide what that is. DM me when you have it complete for accountability. And I'm super, super excited about this for you. We have one more day in the series tomorrow. And if you haven't already, feel free to ask questions about our VIP spots of us doing your marketing for you. And if you're ready, just go ahead. Go ahead and apply. You can do that too. I love you so much. You're amazing. All right. Work on your homework. Love you. Is your head spinning? I hope you took so many notes and you feel so inspired. Time truly flies when you're learning about becoming wealthy a app. I hope you loved today's episode. That does it for us on the show. Don't forget every weekday we unlocked a another juicy money making episodes. So be sure to subscribe or follow where you're listening to this. And also, don't forget if you haven't already to leave us a five star review on your podcast platform so we can take over the world together and share a takeaway on social media and tag me at the wealthy mama. We love doing spontaneous prize prize giveaways. So don't forget to tag us with a takeaway so we can reward you as being one of our biggest fans and listeners. Until next time, don't forget you are worthy of being wealthy and from everyone at the wealthy mama movement. We love you make it a great day.