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361. Birthday Shenanigans #3: The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Making More Money

August 25, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
361. Birthday Shenanigans #3: The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Making More Money
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Eeee!! And the juicy shenanigans continue on the podcast today. 

On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, Nellie talks about one of the most important things to focus on that often get's overlooked

She touches on:

  • The journey of ease, flow and fun!
  • That one thing that is so important but get's overlooked
  • The realization that you only have control over yourself and your feelings. 
  • How to clear the way for more money

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Good morning mama. It is time to wake up and be wealthy. It is time for you to become rich a week it is time for more ease, flow and fun for you. It is time to build a life and business, you are madly in love with it, it's time to unlock the wealth codes needed to build your business with your dedicated host, me, Nellie Corriveau Nellie Corriveau. I am the CEO and founder of the wealthy mama movement. And I want to officially welcome you to the wake up and be wealthy show. I am the master at sales and social media with over 17 years of experience, building brands in multiple industries, resulting in millions of dollars night as mentored countless women from starting their businesses all the way up to multi millionaires. I am here to be your go to mama to help you build an iconic brand that you are proud of to create a massive passion and impact in the world. Without further ado, let's unlock today's episode, enjoy. The birthday shenanigans continue. And this one may just be the most important one to focus on. This is the one that gets overlooked so much myself included. And in the past, I can see it so clearly where I felt so heavy, so burnt out so overwhelmed, so stressed, totally masking, and doing so many things and just exhausted, I was still making great money, but it felt awful. And so I've truly been on this journey of ease flow and fun before I even knew that I was calling it that. And I have just fallen madly in love with this process and this concept because I really wanted to prove to myself, I didn't have to do it how everyone else does it. I don't have to mask I don't have to be exhausted, I can absolutely be present. One of my mentors, it was probably about a year ago, her daughter was going to kindergarten and she was getting really emotional. And she said, like, the whole reason she started her business was to be able to drop her kids off right to be present for them. And like money, obviously is a part of that. And also we put so much pressure on ourselves to work harder to make more. And then it starts to become from a place of burnout, instead of a place of ease flow and fun. And I really remember that message from her last year because she's like, I've already won, like, I am such a present mom and like, and she's building a multi seven figure business that she's like, and also it's okay. If I go slower, because I've already won, I've already accomplished my big goal. And that resonated so much with me because when I transitioned to become an online entrepreneur, that was my whole goal, like I knew I wanted something of my own. I knew I wanted to make money, I knew that I really deeply desire to be present for my family, and have complete control over my schedule. And then along the way, that that vision kind of got put in a drawer, if you will, and a little bit forgotten, like, I'm going to be completely honest with you like it was still there. And I've always been present and like my schedule has been still very flexible, but not to the highest level that I desire. And so on this Ease flow and fun journey, especially even recently, I've been raising my standards for myself so much. And I've been doing it from a very space of Yes, and a space of my comfort zone and expanding my comfort zone. So I've taken teeny tiny steps, but I can see and feel so much of how how much has been out of alignment and how much I've tolerated and how much I'm allowed to tolerate or be tolerated. And like it's my it's my responsibility, right like when I'm raising my standards, I only have control over myself. Like I only have control over myself and it was so beautiful because he Given a client the other day Express, she was bummed that we couldn't have our meeting the other day. Because my daughter had a full body rash, obviously, she understood but like she has needs once and desires. And I just when she expressed that, to me, it was actually such a beautiful moment, because I was like, I totally agree. Like, I wanted us to have our session too. So we did like a quick little touch base later in the week, because she ended up having some needs in her life. And I reassured her like, we will meet next week, and it will be divine timing, like, but I also wanted her feelings to be acknowledged of like, yeah, I totally agree, like I was bummed to. And also, I remember being in that moment of pure panic of Emma breaking out on a full rash. And I've just went into complete Mama Bear mode and knew, I've got to move my whole day like, and I've got the power to do it. And so I am very, very grateful to have amazing clients. Because they, yes, they have feelings, too. And I love that we have that deep connection that they feel safe to share. And I do believe it is a direct result of all the work that I've been doing. Just tapping more into my inner self, my voice, it's already empowered other people around me to do that in their life. And with me, and it's just been beautiful. And so today's focus of making more money is truly about clearing the way there is most likely so much weighing you down, that you may not even realize it, I was there too. And it's no shock that there is a big block with making more money. Because you're like, man, I've tried so many different things. I'm making different offers, I'm sending the emails, I'm, you know, going live, I've got the podcast, right? Like maybe you're even like reaching out to past or current clients, like you're doing all the practical things, and almost feeling like you're swimming upstream, right? Or maybe you you're making decent money, but you just feel blah, right? Like you just feel off, you don't feel good, you feel in a funk, right? Like, we're some version of that. So this is such a good invitation. Because our, our mind, body and soul is truly sending us messages every single day. Like, honestly, even when I woke up today, some spoon woke up a little bit earlier. I like my body's a little achy. I just don't like my throat a little sore. And so I'm like, Okay, I'm glad I have a lighter day to day I grabbed my peppermint oil. And we're all about doing ease flow and fun here. And so it's really more and more every single day, paying attention to those cues, physically, emotionally, everything, everything in between, like your mind, body and soul is sending you so many messages. And we truly at times ignore those messages. And it's such a shame because they're like our mind, body and soul are truly there to serve and support us. And I do believe when our mind, body and soul is deeply connected all together. And in full alignment is when the money just comes like no other and it's pouring in and pouring in. And it's coming from so many different directions. Like hopefully this is evidence for you. I had a client that I've been working with for a while now. And they've been working on reaching to 10k months and they're like, What are we missing? What are we missing? And I like have been working with them. And it's not necessarily what you're missing, right? Like it's what's in front of us, right? Like what is already around us. What's in front of us. How do we feel and there was so much that we unpacked but one thing in particular was a very heavy client that they've been holding on to that they're really not making great money with or I should say they weren't it's past tense. And they sent me a private message not too long ago. And they're like, We gave a notice we are stepping away from that client. And it feels so good. And then like literally not even a couple of weeks later. Money is flooding and I kid you not like it is that trust factor. It is letting go of that weight right that heaviness that is such a massive attractor to money and so much more. Right? This is not just about money here, this is your peace, this is your happiness, this is your fulfillment, this is living more right giving more. And we get to, of course, prioritize money in that process. And also, it's so much deeper than just money, right? And so they are flourishing. And it's so beautiful, because they're like, this is the month, this is the month that it's 10k. And I have no freaking doubt that it's going to happen, like they're so freaking close. And they had to trust and believe in themselves, right, that full alignment, that there's more out there for them. There's so many ways to make money, like, so many ways to make money. And it's making sure that it always feels good all the time, like we talked about the other day. And when it doesn't, it's an opportunity to shift and do it as quickly and comfortably as possible. So this is your huge invitation to truly take a step back. And look at every piece and part of your life and your business. Like I asked you yesterday to really like think about emotionally, like what you desire, and how we really get there. Like, yes, it's strategy. Yes, we want, you know, juicy offers and traffic and systems and all of those things. But like, honestly, when you give up everything weighing you down, and you clear the motherfucking way, everything else feels so much easier, so much easier. I like to like use the analogy of if you were climbing a mountain, would you rather climb the mountain with like the best shoes on a water bottle? Right? No backpack with a bunch of weights, right? Or would you rather walk up the mountain barefoot, no water and a huge heavy ass backpack that weighs like, a million pounds, right? Like no one would pick that if they had the vehicle on ahead. And the beautiful part is you do have a choice. And you can keep choosing again, it's never too late. Unless you say so. Right. So I really want you to look at every piece and part of your life and your business. What does not feel good, what feels heavy, you can go as simple as your office to as big as relationships that you are giving time and energy to whether they're you know personal relationships or business relationships to social media marketing to different systems that you're using, I just made a huge shift with my email that was amazing and truly is clearing the way like clearing the way and I do believe that this is never like we're never complete. But we want to do a huge purge, if you will. To really clear the way and then it'll just be like maintenance after that and it will be so easy to because you'll know that it feels so good. So that is my challenge you might that is my challenge for you today is to really look at everything and then pick one thing to clear and it is okay for it to be small. Absolutely okay for it to be small. So I will see you back tomorrow. Please apply if you're feeling so called to work on a VIP level. I am raising my standards each and every day I am clearing the way I am doing this work. I'm in it with you one mile, use the right late work and exit 45 years. My GPS it absolutely works and I want you to feel it and you don't have to do it alone. So apply apply apply to be a VIP client. This is the only way moving forward, that you can work with me. I want to go deep with women and so therefore I am really limiting my time capacity and energetic capacity to a handful of women. So maybe it'll be you. Alright, go clear the way I love you so much. Is your head spinning? I hope you took so many notes and you feel so inspired. Time truly flies when you're learning about becoming wealthy a app. I hope you loved today's episode. That does it for us on the show. Don't forget every weekday we unlocked a another juicy money making episode. So be sure to subscribe or follow where you're listening to this. And also don't forget if you haven't already to leave us a five star review on your podcast platform so we can take over the world together and share a takeaway on social media and tag me at the wealthy mama. We love doing spontaneous prize prize giveaways. So don't forget to tag us with a takeaway so we can reward you as being one of our biggest fans. Anthony listeners until next time don't forget you are worthy of being wealthy and from everyone at the wealthy mama movement we love you make it a great day