Passive Income for Mamas

357. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 6

August 21, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
357. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 6
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On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, we will be continuing the week of sharing a sneak peak of the first 7 days of Words of Encouragement videos from our amazing Quantum Club group!

This episode touches on:

  • How we do most things is how we do all things.
  • How to stay in your comfort zone, while also expanding your comfort zone.
  • How to get to your goal. 

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I'm going to be a little bit out of breath. When I call down for half marathon training, I may be a little shaky, too, but I was right by, pick my kids up, and I was like, oh, today's gonna be such a good day here, I'm gonna like post you up here on the fence. So don't shake so much. Today is a great day to run, it was actually not my plan to run today, it soon became my plan to run, when I like wanted to work through some emotions. And so I thought it'd be really, really fun and impactful, to break down how you stay and expand your comfort zone, for a big goal, like running a half marathon, or a full marathon or another goal that you have, because how we do most things, is how we do most things, right. So if you notice patterns in your money, it could normally be showing up in other categories of your life and your business, right? I don't think this is like a generalization of all of the things but can definitely be a lot of things, if that makes sense to you. So it's like so powerful, to pay attention to patterns. And also, I think, so exciting to like, see how you could do this for a big goal like a half marathon. Because if we were just to say, I'm gonna go run a half marathon, and I haven't trained since being like pregnant and then postpartum. Like, if I signed up for the half marathon, which is in October and didn't do any training. To me, that's getting out of your comfort zone, getting uncomfortable, and it not being like responsible either. Like, I think it's a both. And so with this new concept that we're digging into this month, that'd be cool to share. Some an example that's not related to money, because again, how we do most things is how we do most things. So I've been wanting to sign up for a half marathon for a while. I did one before I was pregnant with Emma, on my health and fitness journey. And it was just like, so powerful to like, have something to work towards. You could think about this with your money, maybe you're going for 10k months or debt free, or you want to pay yourself or pay yourself more like, it's so nice to have that like flag, that mile marker, if you will, that you're wanting to go for, right. And then how we do this by staying and expanding your comfort zone is all the steps that I'm going to share. And I'm sure there there's more, but I'm gonna like risk for a hot second of all the steps that I have been taking, will be taking, and we'll see what shows up maybe that I don't even have thought about yet. So first, the smallest circle for my comfort zone was I want to do a half marathon like that feels exciting. To me, that feels like a good goal, especially postpartum, you know, getting falling in love with my body more and more and more. There's an ant crawling on me. So we're gonna try to see if we could walk. But that was like the smallest circle, right? And then from there, any of my ADHD people, you'll you'll laugh at me. I bought the tennis shoes and a cute workout outfit before I signed up for sad marathon. Yep, we were on vacation and I got these running shoes. I don't know if you can see them. But they're like made for running. They're brand new. I thought that was like a really fun, ADHD way to be like, I'm going to do this right. Then came back from vacation, put my money where my mouth is. And signed up for half marathon. I'm not wearing it today. But they like had an upsell for a half marathon hat. And I was like, dammit, yes, I want the hat too. So I got the hat. Right. And then from there, I knew we had Disney. So between vacation and Disney, I really was focusing on water, right? I want to get more water more and more water. I haven't been like tracking my nutrition, because I found that that gets me really anxious. But what I have found is like doubling down on protein works really, really well for me, intuitively, like what am I craving and like feeling into that. So I'll probably get more. I'll expand my comfort zone from there. But like that's what feels good so far. So then we're expanding the comfort zone. We're growing. I haven't felt any stress or pressor pressure through this whole process, which feels really good. It's felt empowering the whole entire time. So I knew coming back from Disney, I would have about two and a half months before the half marathon. Ideally, I would probably want more but I'm not running the half marathon for like a personal record besides like running the half marathon so it's enough time that I can still really build up my stamina, my endurance, my muscles. It's still like two and a half months to still do The amount of time and also we get to like focus and be committed. So, again, I haven't felt bad about it though. I'm like, okay, like, it's realistically, I need this whole two and a half months to make sure I don't harm myself, right? Like to really, even if I walked the whole thing, I get to, like build up and take care of myself. So last Monday was the day after I got back and I, my, my plans canceled, and I was like, You know what feels really good. Today's the day, today's the day and I texted my husband for accountability. And I said, would you want to run with me? Because like, obviously, I was gone with Disney. It just like felt like a really fun, quality time is my love language. And he's like, Yeah, sure. Like he's been running and training. And he's like, Yeah, of course. And he was like, the best freaking way to start this training process. He was such a powerful, like, encourager, he, like ran ahead of me, but then came back. He, like, flirted with me. It was like, such a fun memory that I'll never forget. So that was like, the next step. And then from there, it was like, Okay, let's like start plugging and playing when I can stay on a cadence for a running schedule. And so I only ran, I shouldn't say, Oh, my God, take back that word. I ran one time last week. Yay. And I walked a little bit, obviously, one is good, right? It's expanding the comfort zone. And then from there. This week, I was like, Okay, can I beat my score from the week before. So my goal is two days this week, I just knocked out one. And my goal right now isn't necessarily a length of like, distance, it's time. So I did about 30 minutes today. And I did I barely walked, which is huge. I walked when I like needed a quick breath. I had a good playlist. That's another step. And so I have plugged in two more dates for this week. But my goal is to total so I kind of have like a little bit of a buffer. If like, something happens, no big deal. I've got a backup. Right? I also talked to my husband, hey, with the kids like when do you think I can get a long distance run in their school has a great path in there it right. So like, I'm starting to really think through and strategize and start to take aligned action, many steps. Am I Am I right? Many small, I ordered Spark, which is like a healthy energy. Supplement has vitamins and I know my body loves it. Even when I was running today, I was like, Oh, I have not had like a lot of water, like any water, like very little water today. And so I wasn't pushing myself running today, because I'm like, I'm feeling like I'm gonna need to like double down on my water tonight. Right? So like, I just wanted to use this as an example of like this whole process, I have felt so empowered, I have felt so good. I have felt so focused. And I'm going to get to my goal, right like that race is going to happen. I'm already thinking of like, the outfit that I'm going to wear, my husband was like, I kind of want to sign up with you. Right. So I'm being like an encourager, and he like sees me going for a goal. And it feels exciting to him to go for for gold too. So this also is then going to spill over positively to all other areas of my life, right? I feel so focused, and my business, I feel so focus in my marriage, I feel so energized to do my content, right? To make offers every single day. Because I'm choosing me and putting me first I'm staying in expanding my comfort zone. So just wanted to give you an example of how we do this. Do you go a little bit quote unquote, slower? Maybe, but really, is it slow if you if the date of the half marathon is the same date that it would be? Right, I truly believe in divine timing. I believe that, like things should feel good every step of the way. You enjoy it more when you're not like beating yourself up and all the things so let me know what questions you how you're applying this to your life. And I'm just so excited for you to like, keep sinking in and processing this concept. I know it takes a little bit of time. So I'm here cheering you on here to work through it with you. If you haven't resistance around it. Let me know if you're like, Oh, this feels exciting. I want to play with this. I'm here to play. I'm here to help. I'm here to do all the things and service and community for you. Make it a great rest of your day. Think about one thing you want to expand your comfort zone on and we can do it one teeny tiny step at a time.