Passive Income for Mamas

356. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 5

August 18, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
356. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 5
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On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, we will be continuing the week of sharing a sneak peak of the first 7 days of Words of Encouragement videos from our amazing Quantum Club group!

This episode touches on:

  • How you feel when unexpected money shows up and visualize it
  • Emotionally regulating yourself to stay in your comfort zone
  • The power of angel numbers
  • Seeing is believing
  • Taking Mini Money Moves
  • Be magnetic!

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Hello beautiful soul I know that it's gonna be backwards but this says 777444999888 and 333 I want you to pretend that these amounts are money and they got deposited in to your bank account today just like sit with that for a second like weren't expecting it even like more like banking on X universe on game that I want you to do today which today a little bit of cold day an ear infection I had all the things but myself because I G are stimulated I'm overstimulated right and so staying in your comfort to you can stay in because it myself today have a positive app that was going to increase my hang out with my kids the most of it which is staying in your Quincy all the things quantum club talking about these numbers kind of sad they were kind of a little smudge the beautiful part about it connected with these numbers numbers I saw about dry plates on right like and so here's my I'm was money especially unknown the reason why Angel members all day but I'm looking and I'm asking him like a treasurer play this game start posting I have arrived number times gotten like the bill and it's Angel and on planes bill numbers like it's just blends numbers if you don't know why I want seeing is more you start to see this how we're going to be looking for more opera they're all all around and tell her I'm looking we start to cool activity ply how can we make your money what can we do right like that without you doing huge has been the challenging from fucking hard really good yes is it its own and nervous system when we can get back expanded expand for opportunity many money then you feel good every step of ailable it'd be attracted like so then going to a stressed person rich a it's not as attractive. Right. And that is the most the most caring and all of those things. Make it a treasure. I didn't if your money or any other work through those q&a benefits in a month. Okay, I feel I don't need I am struggling to make more money like Nellie helped me I'm