Passive Income for Mamas

355. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 4

August 17, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
355. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 4
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On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, we will be continuing the week of sharing a sneak peak of the first 7 days of Words of Encouragement videos from our amazing Quantum Club group!

This episode touches on:

  • The power of expanding your comfort zone.
  • What emotions do you have when you're having fun?
  • How can we have more fun?

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Hello, my friends. Okay, so this is going to be backwards, but it says chasing the fun. I got it in Disney last week. And if you don't know, I've been growing up my hair. So we're checking in on that too. It's growing so fast, like, so fast, I've been actually really impressed. But as I'm quantum leaping, I decided to have a visual aid to like see my growth and progress. And I was like, You know what, we're gonna make it my hair. That's feels really fun. So why the shirt? Why do I want to talk about the shirt. So I want to talk about the shirt. Because when you're having fun, don't you feel a certain way like you feel like this sense of belonging, you feel this fulfillment, you feel this excitement, you feel this passion, you feel this presence around you, that is so juicy, so delicious. So amazing. That vibe, is what your comfort zone is, to me, like those feelings. And so we want to create that all day everyday as much as we possibly can. Like, it doesn't mean that there's going to be high highs and low lows, there's going to be the lows, right? But the power of expanding your comfort zone is you know how to go home. Right? Like, almost think about when you are in a storm on the freeway driving, like I don't know about you, but like, I love to sleep in storms, I don't like to drive and storms. And so when I'm like in a storm, and it's really hard to see, but I'm heading home, there's this sense of peace and like visualization that I do to like, keep myself calm of like, okay, you know, this road, you know your car, take some deep breaths, visualize being home, visualize, like hugging your babies, visualize being on your couch. And it really, really does help me. So like, think of your comfort zone as your actual like physical home. Right? You feel peaceful. And so the reason why I wanted to talk about this today is to really think about when you are having fun, What emotions do you have? What feelings do you have? How can we have more fun, right? You can create fun doing normal things like cleaning, like doing like admin work and your business, doing sales, right? doing marketing, like things that don't feel fun to you. Typically, we can make fun, right? And the things that feel fun to you. We can like put even more energy into those things. So it's all about intention. It's all about really focusing on like, How can I have a ridiculous amount of fun knowing that that is actually being in your home, being in your comfort zone and expanding your comfort zone because you're doing more of it? Right? I think as adults, we don't have enough fun. So I want us going on a mission to have so much freaking fun. Again, you can do this in everyday tasks. This doesn't have to be big and bougie things of course, like totally add those in. Tomorrow, Emma and I are going to see Elsa on Broadway and like she's being Elsa and I'm being Ana. And I'm like so freaking excited. That's a bigger thing. But like, we totally have fun at home. We don't even have to go anywhere. Like tonight, we're just like chillin, and it feels so good. My business, I have fun with my clients, I have fun. In different meetings that I am in. Like yesterday, I was on a call with somebody for automations. And like, there was confetti and like we're just having a really good time. So it's all about the intention. It's all about shifting your perspective a little bit, right? Or a lot of it and really focusing on this. So that way we can do this and call more in and create and expand more. So I want you to brainstorm how can you have more fun? Who do you want to have more fun with in your business outside of your business? There's so many different ways to do this. If you need support with this, this is a great thing to come on the q&a of like, okay, now like I'm really stumped. How do I do this, I believe everyone can have more fun. So that's my challenge to you feel free to share in our group. What you're doing, we're gonna keep manifesting this hair to grow out. And you'll just keep seeing it on encouragement videos getting longer and longer and longer. I am waiting on my extensions, which I think will be really fun. See what I did there. I think that'll be really fun. But you can also by different reminders, like I made my keychains fun. I mean, I like my shirts, my nail color. Like, again, there's so many ways that we can do this and do this in a way Yeah, that like, plays on your personality and your desires and things that you're interested in. So I love you Virtual High five. You're doing amazing. You are right on time. Okay. And I can't wait to see you on the next encouragement video. Love you