Passive Income for Mamas

354. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 3

August 16, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
354. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 3
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On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, we will be continuing the week of sharing a sneak peak of the first 7 days of Words of Encouragement videos from our amazing Quantum Club group!

This episode touches on:

  • How to protect your financial minimum
  • Reviewing your spending habits
  • Taking responsibility for your financial health.

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So yesterday, we talked about your new energetic finances. Right? That you are committing to and also going to start attracting and working towards to making sure you always keep your financial minimum above that, right. So if your financial minimum is $1,000 in your bank account, we're going to work towards that if it's not already in there, and then protect that at all cost to make sure that that you that way, you stay safe, right? We don't get you outside of your comfort zone, we don't get you outside of the the feeling of peace and safety and just feeling very grounded, right. So to build off of that, I want you to really think about what are you no longer available for, right. And the reason why this can be so beneficial is because there's so much in regards to money, and even outside of money, but specifically for money that we tolerate, right. And so I want you to think about like, for example, a lot of people pay for a gym membership, month after month after month, and they're tolerating it and they don't go, I should mention that too. They're not going. And it's not to put shame on that. But you're, you're choosing to tolerate that activity and not do something about it, right. And so I want you to just look at everything when it comes to money. And what you're spending money on a great exercise that you can do is to go through your bank statement, your credit card statement, print it off, grab some highlighters, do a highlighting color, that you're just not willing to be available for this, you're not willing to tolerate this anymore. And check in with yourself, right? Like we do order out more, but it's what feels good to us just in the season that we've been in with a newborn baby. And it just has felt good. So we're okay, tolerating that we're available to it, will it be a forever maybe not, right? Like we've had seasons where we, like, do HelloFresh, or we cook more or we like follow recipes and things. So it's just really checking in with you specifically, not what you think you should do, right? Or what other people are telling you, like, go through this. And this can be for your business and your personal life, because you are the CEO of both right? And so we really want to check in with you of what are you willing to be available for? And what are you not willing to be available for and pay attention to the energy that feels heavy, right? And also take responsibility of like, okay, I'm choosing to tolerate this and am I willing to continue to tolerate this? Or am I no longer available for this, I know that this exercise can be a lot. So feel free to like do this over multiple days. Go to like a Starbucks or Panera to sit there with like your printout. But this can be life changing, life changing? Because how often do we think about that gym membership? And it like weighs on us, right? And it feels heavy. Like we've all been there, right? Like, we've all spent money on things that didn't feel great. But it's, it's it's changing our perspective around it, it's changing our energy, it's choosing again, right? And not doing it from a shameful space. Truly doing it from an empowered space of like, okay, I no longer available for this. And so therefore, I'm going to choose again, I'm going to take a different aligned action that feels better, that feels more empowering, that feels like it's in alignment with my wealthiest self, right? And love making decisions, thinking about my wealthiest, happiest, most peaceful self, would she make this decision? Or Would she not? And what should we What would she do? What would she think? Right? And this is so incredibly helpful, because we can make different better, more aligned decisions to get you to your wealthiest self. So much faster. So much faster. Okay, so I'm super excited for you. What are you available for? What are you not available for highlight, highlight, highlight and start to take action? Obviously, since we are expanding our comfort zone here, go small, right? Maybe it's the gym membership, maybe it's something else. Maybe it's just tweaking or modifying something right. I don't want you to like go cold turkey where you're like canceling things or not being your word on things. That's not what this is about. This is really energetically checking in with you and your money and how you want it to feel because if nothing changes, nothing will change. And on the flip side of that when things start to change Things start to change right like I know that sounds so basic but so freaking powerful so let's expand that comfort zone and feel really really good about it all right you're amazing you've got this let me know how I can support you but I believe in you and I know you can do this alright bye bye