Passive Income for Mamas

352. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 1

August 14, 2023 Nellie
Passive Income for Mamas
352. Quantum Leap Words of Encouragement Day 1
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On today's episode of the Wake Up & Be Wealthy show, we will be sharing a sneak peak of the first 7 days of Words of Encouragement videos from our amazing Quantum Club group!

This episode touches on:

  • How to expand your comfort zone
  • How can you make things  easier, have more fun, feel more excited, safer, etc.
  • How to set your intentions for the next 30 days

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Oh my goodness, it's a new, we are talking about expanding your comfort zone. So often we hear, get uncomfortable, get out side, your comfort zone, nothing good happens in your comfort zone. It's like you feel safe in your comfort zone all of these things, right? Like, there's so much. There's so many opinions, there's so much narratives around your comfort zone. And this is exactly why I want you to buy or grab this book, the comfort zone by Kristin Butler. She's my new BFF. And maybe yours too. I'm already thinking about like, how could I have her come speak? Like, what can we do together? Like, how can I get her into my world and my all my peoples world because this book is going to change everything for you. And like, do you like my new nails, they're green, just like my green cup. Because intention is everything. And I'm just like setting my intentions for me. And my clients like this is the month to expand your comfort zone to expand your bank account, to expand your belief, expand your love, expand your energy, like we're going to do it all this month. And obviously, throughout the whole journey of being in this community. But this is like the deep focus for the month. So this will be like a really good companion for you. But I am just so excited for you. Because when we ask different questions, we get different results. Right? So the question I want you to sit with today is, what if I could get everything that I wanted and be in my comfort zone the whole time and feel safe and seen and heard and supported and feel good. Because this is what she talks about in the book of when we get outside of our comfort zone. We typically our stress levels go up, our anxiety goes up our fight or flight senses go up. And so it can feel so unsafe to get outside your comfort zone that, like this is why we have challenges with money. This is why we have challenges with relationships and health and fitness and any other category of life or business that you feel like it feels hard, right? Because although people tell us to get outside of our comfort zone, we don't feel safe. So therefore we don't do it. Right. So this is just a whole different way of looking at it of like, what if I could actually be in my comfort zone the whole time, and expand my comfort zone and feel safe throughout the whole process? What if that could happen and you get everything that you desire, and it feels good? Every step of the way? One of my favorite questions that I've been asking myself, and it's like literally like my guiding. It's my North Star. And I say how can I make this easier? How can I have more fun? How can I feel more excited or safer? Whatever I need to like ask myself that is around that those questions. And this has helped me simplify. This has helped me save more time, save my energy, increase my energy, increase my joy, my happiness, and it's it's positively affecting every area of my life, like my marriage has never been stronger. Money keeps flowing and flowing and flowing. I feel so good. I'm making meaningful connections with people like I could go on and on. I'm like working on my health and fitness. And I really do believe it is because of this concept. Expanding your comfort zone. So I'm just so excited to to dig in with you this month. Obviously, you don't have to read or listen to the book. But I highly encourage you to. And so like the the cool part about expanding your comfort zone is we can take teeny tiny steps to do so. And you feel so safe, right? It's not about pushing yourself. It's not about challenging yourself. So it may take your brain a minute to like get on board with this concept and be like, okay, like Can this really work? So just step into it of like, Could I right, that would be expanding your comfort zone like literally such a beautiful example like could it happen? Is it a possibility? Of course it's a possibility, right? Like that anything's possible. So it's totally a possibility. And that would be expanding your, your comfort zone, right. And so the more we expand it, there's more room to play, right? There's more overflow, there's more energy. It's so good. So I really want you to set your intentions for the next 30 days. Write them down, put them underneath your pillow. That's a really fun manifesting hack. And that way, every time you go to bed, you subconsciously will lay in and really connect with those intentions for the next 30 days. If there's $1 figure that you want to call in, if there's a word that you want to call in, you could just keep kind of like the tooth fairy. You can keep putting pieces of paper underneath your, your pillow or inside your pillowcase, that may actually be an even better, but we really are going to sit with this and dig into this concept for the whole month. So I'm just so so excited for you. All right, set your intentions. Grab the book, if you want to join along. I'm going to be talking about this throughout the whole month, and asking you just like really deep questions. So I love you. You're amazing.